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Online writing

It was around a decade back I started knowing about the online blogs.As a starter I wanted to share in the available ways.Text,snaps,video some of my thoughts as well as actions.
The easiest way was to connect thru and therein started a journey.To write while being online was not that easy with limited connectivity and availability of services at distant parts of our country.Nevertheless small steps did open up new opportunities.Hence did post/repost some of the ideas/work here.Now I look forward to do it more frequently.

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Lube Oil Condition Index

The available existing methods are Human inspection-touch, feel, odour, color, clarity, presence of foam; Dip-stick level check; Spectrography, Ferrography, Crackle test, Blotter Test….But what else ???…something NEW…..
Why not Neural networks to Monitor the Condition of Oil,with following pros-cons:
Reduced cost – expertise to schedule the preventive maintenance of equipment.
Trained to distinguish the condition of oil a normal and problem machine.
Expertise to warn a technician of an upcoming breakdown.

I have utilised JOONE Neural Networks to have an initial go…

It is no fluke that the GNU utilities are so reliable. There are good reasons why free software tends to be of high quality.
One reason is that free software gets the whole community involved in working together to fix problems. Users not only report bugs, they even fix bugs and send in fixes. Users work together, conversing by email, to get to the bottom of a problem and make the software work trouble-free.
Another is that developers really care about reliability. Free software packages do not always compete commercially, but they still compete for a good reputation, and a program which is unsatisfactory will not achieve the popularity that developers hope for. What’s more, an author who makes the source code available for all to see puts his reputation on the line, and had better make the software clean and clear, on pain of the community’s disapproval.

I have used GNU/Linux for last seven + years now,and have nothing else but to say..’I agree 100%’

Well I have taken up a view to define the two very complex terms in very simple ways:
Lubrication failure is applied to any failure in which the lubricant is suspected. It is assigned as a matter of convenience simply because no other cause was readily revealed. Ineffective lubrication often lies at the root of mechanical wear and failure.
No single definition.
Multiple possible failures with multiple possible causes.
Each failure to be evaluated independently.

Reliability of oil is defined as the probability of lubrication failure in an equipment (having constant wear metal generation rate), due to oil consumption and contamination, between two oil changes, for specific application under specific environment.
A time function- operating hours.
Probability of lubricant level going below a certain specified system level.
Initial work, aimed to set a benchmark.

Abstract: The paper proposes a procedure for reliability analysis of oil used for engine lubrication in wheeled vehicles. Lubricating oil is considered as an important component of an engine system, and topping-up is considered in relation to preventive maintenance actions carried out for oil maintenance. The actual topping-up quantity and the periodicity have been used as data for reliability analysis using parametric and non-parametric techniques. The test procedures use statistical models ‘fitted’ to experimental data. For the case of a multigrade mineral oil, the Weibull distribution is shown to produce superior estimates. This paper also discusses how to use the proposed methodology for decision-making about oil changes and oil performance.

Journal Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering
Publisher Professional Engineering Publishing
ISSN 0954-4070 (Print) 2041-2991 (Online)
Issue Volume 220, Number 2 / 2006
DOI 10.1243/095440706X72637
Pages 187-194